MeasureXL Quickstart

MeasureXL Requirements

  • HTC Vive Tracker
  • HTC Vive Light House
  • Steam Launcher
  • Steam Account
  • SteamVR (v1527117754)


Assemble Tracker

The MeasureXL Tracker package comes with a Probe, Probe connector, Vive Tracker, and Tracker Pad. 

1. Put Tracker Pad on Tracker.

On the tracker’s back, there are 6 pins and a center hole. The Tracker Pad has 6 output pins which connect to the Tracker’s 6 pins. Place the Tracker Pad on the Tracker.


2. Screw the Probe Connector and Probe


Included in the Tracker package is a mounting screw for attaching the Tracker to the Tracker Pad. Once the Tracker is secure, insert the metal probe into the opposite end of the mounting screw.


Setup Light House

MeasureXL relies on the HTC Vive Light House to capture the positions and movements of the Tracker. The Light House has two Camera mount points: one on the back, one on the bottom. It can either be installed on a camera tripod or on a wall or ceiling. The recommended height is 2 meters above ground.


After it is positioned, once power is connected, it will begin running automatically.

Once it is running, you can find the letters ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ and a Blue/Green LED on the face of the lighthouse. The Blue LED signifies the lighthouse is initializing and the Green LED signifies it is ready for tracking. The letter that is displayed on the face of the lighthouse represents the channel the lighthouse is operating under. If you are using a single lighthouse, we recommend using channel ‘A’. Otherwise, for a setup with two lighthouses, we recommend setting one to channel ‘B’ and the other to channel ‘C’. Use the button on the back of the lighthouse to change channels.


Install SteamVR

1. Install Steam Launcher.

You have to install SteamVR through Steam. Go to Steam Store and download & install Steam launcher.


2. Check your Steam account.

To run the Steam launcher, you need an account to login. If you don’t have one, follow the link: Join Steam.

3. Install SteamVR.

After installation, launch Steam and login. Then go to ( Library -> VR -> SteamVR ) and click the ‘INSTALL’ button.


4. Change version of SteamVR.

When you’re installation is done, right click on SteamVR and click ‘Properties -> BETAS’. Then click on ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into:’ -> v1527117754 – 6/21/2018 hotfix and close it. It will download the hotfix version automatically.

If you followed correctly, you will be able to see [v1527117754] beside SteamVR title.


Install MeasureXL

1. Run MeasureXL Setup.exe file.

2. Simply follow the instructions.

It will help you create a Desktop shortcut and Program group.

The Installer will ask you to 

  • Auto configure SteamVR for MeasureXL
  • Launch MeasureXL

Auto configuring SteamVR is recommended. But you can run SteamVR_Setup.exe manually in “C:\Program Files(x86)\MeasureXL\SteamVR_Setup\SteamVR_Setup.exe“. (There will be no visible behavior)


Run MeasureXL

Once successfully installed, you should now be able to open MeasureXL from the Windows Start menu. It will automatically open SteamVR.

If your Tracker is not ready, you will see this screen.


Then follow the steps.

1. Press and hold your Tracker’s Home button until the Blue light starts blinking

2. Click the SteamVR menu, ‘SteamVR v1527117754’

3. Go to ‘Devices’ and click ‘Pair Controller’

4. It will start to pair your Tracker.


5. After a few seconds, it will say Vive Controller is paired and you will see three green icons

6. Then MeasureXL will catch the controller and show it on screen.

Once your Tracker is detected in SteamVR, MeasureXL will begin Tracking its position automatically and you will be ready to start measuring.




SteamVR doesn’t detect the Tracker 

Confirm that your SteamVR settings are correct by going to “C:\Program Files(x86)\MeasureXL\SteamVR_Setup“. and running SteamVR_Setup.exe. (There will be no visible behavior)

After running it, restart SteamVR and try pairing again.

SteamVR continues to not detect the Tracker after changing VR Settings

Please check your SteamVR version is ‘v1527117754 – 6/21/2018 hotfix’

Check ‘Install SteamVR’ section 4 also.