3D Scanning Buying Guide: What’s In A Datasheet?

3D scanner buying guide

    3D Scanner Buying Guide

    We’re excited to announce that we teamed up with Aniwaa to create a 3D scanner buying guide. Aniwaa is the world’s largest review comparison website for finding the best 3D Scanning and 3D printers.

    Shopping for a 3D scanner can be an overwhelming experience. What’s more, terminologies on 3D scanner datasheets can often be confusing. It’s difficult to understand what these technical specifications really mean.

    Our president, Thomas Tong, explains what these terms really mean and how they will impact you when you are using the scanner. The goal of this guide is to define these terms so you can compare technical specifications across 3D scanners to see which one is the best fit for your needs.

    Some of the technical specifications the 3D scanner buyer guide looks at include:

    1. 3D scanner resolution
    2. 3D scanner accuracy
    3. Scan speed (measurement rate)
    4. Field of View (scanning area or scan range)
    5. Mobility (portability)
    6. Color (textures)

    The guide also looks at which technical specifications is most important for applications such as 3D printing, reverse engineering, quality inspection, and visual effects. Head over to Aniwaa’s website and Read the Guide Now

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