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Educational bundle

Pro Hardware + Software Bundles for Education


Pro Hardware + Software Bundles for Education

Polyga 3D Scanner Educational Bundle for Schools, Universities or Any Research Purposes.

Why a 3D scanner educational bundle? By capturing real-world objects and environments in three-dimensional digital formats, 3D scanning enriches learning experiences for students and educators alike.

3D Scanner Educational Bundle

The Polyga Advantage:

Exceptional Build Quality

Industrial grade hardware from world leaders in 3D scanning technology

High-Accuracy 3D Scans

Structured-light 3D scanners with an accuracy of up to 6 microns

Unbeatable Package Pricing

Enjoy massive discounts on package deals

World Class Technical Support

Support Team 8am to 4pm – 5 days a week PST

What’s Included in Bundle:

  • Professional Grade Polyga 3D Scanner(s)
  • FlexScan3D: Up to 10 Licenses*
  • 2-Year Extended Warranty
  • 2-Years of Free Software Upgrades
Get help buying.Contact usnow or call +1 (604) 249-1554
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3D Scanner Educational Bundle

Why a 3D scanner educational bundle? By capturing real-world objects and environments in three-dimensional digital formats, 3D scanning enriches learning experiences for students and educators alike. Its applications include enhancing visual learning by providing interactive and immersive experiences with complex objects and artifacts. As 3D scanning continues to advance, its role in education is set to expand, revolutionizing traditional teaching methods and paving the way for more engaging and interactive learning experiences.

For more 3D scanning tips and learning materials visit our 3D Scanning Learning Center.

Group Discount Offers for Future Growth & Development

At Polyga we believe that offering an educational discount is paramount to the growth and development of not just individuals but communities and society as a whole. A student discount program promotes access to education, making learning more affordable and accessible for students and educators. This not only empowers individuals to save money but fosters a culture of continuous learning, encouraging people to invest in their knowledge and skills. That is why we offer some of the best student discounts and educational packages around.

Faculty and student discounts stimulate innovation by enabling college students and educators access to cutting-edge tools, software, and resources at a reduced cost, thereby nurturing the next generation of thinkers and problem solvers. In essence, offering educational and student discounts not only benefits the recipients but also promotes a more educated and dynamic society. Take advantage of these amazing student discounts and educational bundle packages.

Access to Premium Tools & Resources

Our 3D scanner educational discounts and bundles are available to college students, educators, educational institutions or research applications of any kind. With our educational bundle, you can access premium applications, cutting-edge hardware, professional tools, and valuable learning materials at a discounted price. you can sign up for a free account Don’t let financial constraints hold you back from achieving your goals. Invest in your future with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best value for your project. The best student discounts and educational bundles are just around the corner.

Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you in your 3D scanning journey every step of the way. We make it easy to verify your student status or eligible institutions so contact our sales team at sales@polyga for more information today.


Applications for 3D Scanner Educational Bundle

Thomas O’Mahoney

Throughout the years I’ve used a variety of 3D scanning solutions including photogrammetry, handheld 3D scanners, CT/microct, and Lidar but my day ‘workhorse’ are the Polyga 3D scanners.

Anglia Ruskin University

Thomas O’Mahoney

Anglia Ruskin University

Dr. Rafiq Ahmad

The Polyga 3D scanners have become our modern design and manufacturing tool that efficiently captures immediate information about our products and for this reason, is the right solution for our needs.

University Of Alberta

Dr. Rafiq Ahmad

Assistant Professor


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