Color 3D Scanning: A Vibrant Future in Automotive Innovation

Color 3D Scanning: A Vibrant Future in Automotive Innovation
Toyota Gt one scale model 3d scan in color S1 pro

Blog: Color 3D Scanning

A Vibrant Future in Automotive Innovation

Revolutionizing Race Car Design with Precision and Speed

We recently put our latest 3D Scanner the S1 Pro to the test with the iconic Toyota GT-One race car model. The S1 Pro now comes with native color support and improves on the previous iteration of the S1 by being able to capture high-quality color scans without having to lose scanner accuracy at 30 microns. The results? Awesome!

Traditionally, 3D scanning has been about shape and form, but with the integration of color, the S1 Pro elevates this technology to new heights. Color scanning adds a layer of realism, essential for detailed analysis and presentation. This feature is particularly beneficial in applications like:

  • Wind Tunnel Testing: With accurate color mapping, aerodynamicists can now study airflow over model cars with greater precision. This aids in understanding how different colors and surface textures influence air resistance, crucial for optimizing race car designs.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Designers and engineers can verify not just the structure but also the aesthetic appeal of parts before they go into production, saving time and resources.
Pierre Gasly red Bull Racing Flow Vis Paint

Figure 1. Pierre Gasly in Red Bull Racing Car with Flow-Vis paint technology.

Cutting Costs, Not Corners

One of the most significant benefits of color 3D scanning capability is cost reduction in race car development. Here’s how:

  • Faster Design Iterations: With a scan time of just 5 minutes, the S1 Pro significantly shortens the design cycle, allowing teams to quickly iterate and refine their models.
  • Reduced Track Time: Accurate color 3D scans mean that more tests can be conducted virtually, significantly reducing the need for costly physical wind tunnel testing and track days.
  • Enhanced Communication: Color scans combined with technoglogies like flow-vis paint provide a clear and detailed representation of the car and air flow, improving communication between design, engineering, and marketing teams.
Looking ahead

As the world of automotive design and racing continues to evolve, technologies like 3D Scanning play a pivotal role. The addition of color scanning is opening doors to new possibilities in design, testing, and presentation. Learn more about 3D scanning at our 3D Scanning Learning Center. Find out more about the S1 Pro and it’s capabilities at the S1 Pro website.

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