3D Scanner Evaluation Kit

Polyga’s 3D Scanner Evaluation (EVM) Kit is an open and easy-to-use 3D scanning platform to evaluate 3D imaging technology for embedded applications in the consumer and industrial markets. This turnkey structured-light 3D imaging optical module is based on TI DLP® Technology featuring the DLP3010 projector and DLPC3478 controller.

Product Description
  • Type: Plug-and-play HD DLP 3D scanning engine
  • Dimension (mm): 260 x 170 x 55
  • Weight (kg): 2.02
Technical Specifications
  • Scan speed (millisecond): 500
  • Field of view (mm): 71 x 49 – 99 x 65
  • Average 3D point capture: 1,228,800
  • Connection: GigE
  • Platform: Windows 10, 64bit
  • DMD:TI DLP3010
  • Controller:TI DLPC3478

* We also support the DLP2010 and other TI DLP Light Engines. Contact us directly for light engine options.

EVM kit graphic

Ultimate Ready-to-Use 3D Scanner Kit

Designed specifically for developers and OEM manufacturers, the EVM 3D Scanner Kit is a great introduction to the possibilities of 3D vision. After using the EVM, we can work with your team to design custom, cost-effective optical modules suitable for volume manufacturing.

Polyga EVM


The Polyga EVM 3D Scanner Kit includes hardware, 3D scanning software, and a C++/C# SDK to deliver all the features you need to integrate a 3D scanner in to your products. What’s great about this kit is that it is completely open so that you can adjust things as needed.

Get it set up and running in no time.

The EVM 3D Scanner Kit is a simple and easy way to:

INTEGRATE 3D SCANNING into products, services, or operations
CREATE A PROTOTYPE with 3D imaging capabilities
PARTNER WITH US to develop custom optical modules to meet your exact needs

What’s Included

what is included in evm kit

The package includes the components you need to create a compact yet powerful 3D scanning system.

  • Texas Instrument (TI) DLP3010 DMD and DLPC3478 Controller based light engine
  • 2 x 1.3MP industrial machine vision cameras
  • 2 x 12mm lenses
  • 1 GigE cable and power supply (GigE connection from 3D scanner to PC)
  • SBSDK C#/C++ SDK for EVM communication
  • FlexScan3D GUI software (1 year license)
  • Calibration board
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    Quality Results

    Once built, the 3D scanner captures high-resolution 3D scans in just half a second

  • The Setup

    The system has pre-wired cameras and projector triggering mechanism

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    Export Files

    Output into common formats to accommodate different systems: PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX

FlexScan3D screenshot

Integrated Software Workflow

The EVM is powered by FlexScan3D GUI. It’s a powerful software for 3D data acquisition and data processing.

Having a SDK greatly reduces development time. That’s why the kit also includes SBSDK. It’s an easy-to-use software development kit that gives you the ability to quickly and easily integrate the EVM into your own software and a C++ / C# SDK for direct program control.

Get complete access of all aspects of the 3D modeling process from a software development standpoint to fully customize the 3D scanner to suit your needs.

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Better Together

At Polyga, we specialize in developing 3D scanners and mesh processing software for industry applications including reverse engineering, quality inspection, 3D visualization, and 3D printing.

Leverage our 3D scanning technology through licensing once you use our EVM 3D Scanner Kit to gain a better understanding of what we have to offer. Contact us and we can also work with you to assist in custom integration. We would love to become your 3D scanning technology partner.

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