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HDI Advance 3D Scanner

Flexible 3D scanning system versatile
for 3D scanning different objects and parts.

hdi advance masthead 3d scanner flexible fov

New Models – The HDI Advance has been replaced with the CARBON X 3D Scanner. Learn More

Flexibility At Your Command

hdi advance masthead 3d scanner adjustable fov

While other systems can be restrictive in its ability to only scan similar sized objects, the HDI Advance 3D scanners are different. The HDI Advance scan objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the observable area (field of view). You can make the field of view smaller or bigger by placing the cameras in different preset slots on the mount. The systems offer the flexibility for scanning a wide range of parts, objects, and people into full digital 3D models.

Compare Models

Available in three models depending on your needs.

Models Cameras
(a pair)
Scan Speed Average Data Points Average Polygons Field of View (diagonal) Accuracy
R1x (Core) 1.3 megapixel 1.3 seconds 1.1 million 2.2 million 165mm
R3x (Best Value) 2.8 megapixel 1.2 seconds 2.6 million 5.2 million 200mm
R5x (Performance) 5.2 megapixel 1.2 seconds 4.9 million 10.1 million 200mm

We are using the HDI Advance 3D scanner almost every day, and having it here makes a huge difference in timing. We compared the resolution and accuracy on 10 parts that we recently had scanned by a service company using a $300K white light scanning system and got identical results.

Walter Zimbeck Manager, Ceramic Micro Devices Group Technology Assessment & Transfer, Inc.
hdi advance scalable 3d scanner solutions

Scalable Solution

As your 3D scanning needs change over time, upgrade the scanner’s hardware components (cameras/lenses) to improve scanning performance without the purchase of an entirely new system. You can also change the cameras/lenses for scanning extremely small objects (i.e. coin) or large parts (i.e. car).

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