Why use structured-light 3D scanners?

Structured-light 3D Scanners are great at capturing extremely complex surfaces, especially high detailed organic shapes. These objects are challenging for other measurement devices like calipers, hand gauges, and portable CMMs to take surface measurements due to their rigidity.

3d scan of Suzuki car front panel

Imagine how difficult it would be to take measurements off an organic freeform object using conventional measurement tools. Structured-light 3D scanners are optical measurement devices that can capture about 1,000,000 3D data points in under 1 second.

Structured-light 3D Scanners are a flexible tool for scanning a wide range of objects in different sizes and shapes.

Ideal for:

  • Highly detailed organic surfaces
  • Fragile objects that cannot be touched physically by a measurement device
  • Scanning in volume: They can be automated to scan at high acquisition speed (even for capturing 3D scans at factory production speed!)