Professional 3D Scanning Hardware and Software

  • Handheld 3D Scanner

    Polyga H3

    High-accuracy and affordable

    3D Vision Camera

    Polyga V1

    Capture high quality 3D video

  • Stationary 3D Scanners

    Polyga Compact

    Enclosed, calibrated system

    Polyga Carbon X

    Scan objects of different sizes

  • 3D Laser Line Profilers

    Gocator Series

    For All Your Inline Inspection and Optimization Needs.

  • Software


    Tools for Point Cloud & Mesh Processing


    Reverse engineering plug-in for SOLIDWORKS (Scan-to-CAD)


    The software behind our scanners.

    Quick Surface 3D

    All-in-One Scan to CAD Solution.

3d scan samples

3D Scan Samples

See more 3D models scanned with polyga scanners.
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From product design to quality inspection or creating stunning visual effects to 3D printing, we can help you realize your goals with 3D scanning.

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