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SBSDK Quickstart Guide


The SBSDK allows to use HDI Compact Series via C++/C# programming language.

  • Various Device Support
    • TriggerBox 2.0
    • Compact L Series
    • Compact S Series
    • Compact C Series
  • Device Control
    • Live Video
    • Camera Exposure
    • Projector Brightness
    • Scan & HDR Scan
  • Export data
    • 3D3
    • PLY
    • OBJ

Getting Started

Download SBSDK

Please contact to get download link.

Supported IDE

  • Visual Studio 2017

Build SBSDK Examples

  • Example Projects can be found in the SBSDK package.
  • Open the solution with Visual Studio and build it.

(Example Projects will copy the required DLL binaries from external & sbsdk folder on building it. Please make sure to copy the dependencies to your project when you build your own.)

Included Examples
  • Simple GUI Example
  • Scan & Fast Scan Examples
  • Rotary Scan Example

Tech Support

For any technical support regarding SBSDK, please contact