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SBSDK Quickstart Guide


The SBSDK allows to use HDI Compact Series via C++/C# programming language.

  • Various Device Support
    • TriggerBox 2.0
    • Compact L Series
    • Compact S Series
    • Compact C Series
  • Device Control
    • Live Video
    • Camera Exposure
    • Projector Brightness
    • Scan & HDR Scan
  • Export data
    • 3D3
    • PLY
    • OBJ

Getting Started

Download SBSDK

Please email to get access to the SDK added to your account.

Supported IDE

  • Visual Studio 2017

Build SBSDK Examples

  • Example Projects can be found in the SBSDK package.
  • Open the solution with Visual Studio and build it.

(Example Projects will copy the required DLL binaries from external & sbsdk folder on building it. Please make sure to copy the dependencies to your project when you build your own.)

Dependencies on using SBSDK

Please make sure that below DLLs are located with your exe file. This DLLs can be found in “sbsdk” and “external” folder.

Included Examples
  • Simple GUI Example
  • Scan & Fast Scan Examples
  • Rotary Scan Example

Tech Support

For any technical support regarding SBSDK, please contact