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Troubleshooting Xtract3D in SOLIDWORKS

Troubleshooting Xtract3D

Xtract3D is a reverse engineering plug-in that works natively inside SOLIDWORKS. The following is an overview of various solutions to commonly observed issues with the Xtract3D plugin.

Imported Mesh Won’t Appear in Feature Tree

Problem: In a recent update to either Windows or SOLIDWORKS, some issues have been observed where an imported mesh does not appear in the feature tree.

Solution: The issue is resolved by importing the mesh while running SOLDIWORKS as administrator.

Can’t Activate/Upgrade License

Problem: When trying to activate or upgrade the license, an error message is received.

Solution: If you are trying to activate or upgrade the license through SOLIDWORKS, ensure to run SOLIDWORKS as administrator. If licensing continues to fail, please contact support@www.polyga.com.

For further questions and support, please contact support@www.polyga.com