3D Scanner Accessories

Enhance your Polyga 3D scanner performance to get the best results

Rotary Turntable

Rotary table works together with the Carbon and certain Compact models to automate the 3D scanning workflow. It revolves the scanned target and stops at predetermined intervals. The Polyga 3D scanner takes a scan each time so you don’t have scan the object manually. Upon completion, the 3D scans are automatically aligned and merged to create a complete digital 3D model. Get consistently amazing results every time.

small rotary

Standard Rotary Table
  • 12.5″ diameter high quality plastic plate
  • Scan parts up to 25 lbs

large rotary

Heavy Duty Rotary Table
  • 12″ diameter aluminum plate
  • Scan parts up to 50 lbs

Calibration Boards

Using the right calibration board to calibrate the scanner for accuracy ensures you get the best scanning results for a particular scanning volume. Calibration boards are optimized to work with FlexScan3D.

The calibration boards are produced using high resolution prints mounted on optically flat glass. Each one is individually machine inspected to ensure dimensionally accurate results.

small calibration board
Small Calibration Board

Calibrate your Polyga 3D Scanner to scan small parts such as a dental mold.

  • 3mm Square – Physical Dimension: 50 x 50mm
  • 5mm Square – Physical Dimension: 70 x 70mm

standard calibration board

Standard Calibration Board

Calibrate your Polyga 3D Scanner to scan medium sized parts such as a shoe.

  • 10mm Square – Physical Dimension: 150 x 150mm
  • 15mm Square – Physical Dimension: 200 x 200mm

large calibration board

Large Calibration Board

Calibrate your Polyga 3D Scanner to scan large sized parts such as a statue and large mechanical part.

  • 20mm / 25mm Square – Physical Dimension: 275 x 375mm
  • Two-sided

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