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FlexScan3D Software Technical Specifications

Minimum Computer Requirements
  • Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Quad-core Intel 2 GHz CPU or better
  • 8 GB Memory or greater
  • Nearly any video card works now
  • Free disk space 250 GB Hard Drive or more

file formats

Compatible Hardware

FlexScan3D software supports the following off-the-shelf hardware components. Since we can’t test every possible hardware combination, you would strongly recommend that you use hardware from our list.

Machine vision cameras
Recommended Machine Vision Cameras + Lenses

FlexScan3D supports most Basler and FLIR monochrome camera models with Global Shutter. Cameras using a rolling shutter sensor are generally NOT recommended. Some rolling shutters sensors will work at longer exposures, but often will generate incorrect scan data regardless of settings used.

Some recommended cameras include:

  • Basler – daA1280-54um: 1.3MP, 1/3″ sensor (Low Cost)
  • Basler – daA1600-60um: 2.0MP, 1/1.8″ sensor (Low Cost)
  • Basler – a2A1920-160umBAS: 2.3MP, 1/2.3″ sensor
  • Basler – acA2040-55um: 3.0MP, 1/1.8″ sensor
  • Basler – acA2440-75um: 5.0MP, 2/3″ sensor
  • PointGrey – FL3-U3-13E4M-C: 1.3 MP, 1/1.8″ sensor
  • PointGrey – BFLY-U3-20S4M-CS: 2.0 MP, 1/1.8″ sensor
  • Imaging Source – DMK 33UP1300, 1.3MP, 1/2″ sensor
  • Imaging Source – DMK 33UX265, 3.1MP, 1/1.8″ sensor
  • Imaging Source – DMK 33UX250, 5MP, 2/3″ sensor
  • * For lenses, most 12mm or 16mm lenses are a good starting point.

Recommended Projector

FlexScan3D supports most standard office or home DLP Projectors via HDMI.

Software Support

User guide manual

The FlexScan3D manual provides guidance on how to use the 3D scanning software. Because there are so many variables that goes into building a custom DIY 3D scanner, we will not be able to provide one-on-one technical support to help you with the build.

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QUICKSURFACE Technical Specifications

QUICKSURFACE 3D reverse engineering software is a Windows 64-bit application

All you need is a suitable Microsoft Windows computer
(or Mac running on Windows platform via Boot Camp)

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file formats


file format for use in other CAD software

Directly to SOLIDWORKS

transfer directly full parametric tree using QS Connect (Full Version only)

Two Versions

Quicksurface software box

Full Version

Quicksurface freeform software box

Freeform Version

Comparison Chart

Quicksurface Freeform Quicksurface Full
Import STL, OBJ or PTX file formats
Polygon reduction
Mesh segmentation
Manual mesh alignment in space
Free form Organic modelling
Symmetry based free form modelling
Snap to Mesh Technology
Real-time tolerancing for free form modelling
Manipulator (gumball) based modelling
Surface quality analysis
3D Sketch
Fit Surface
Wrap Surfacing
Automatic Surfacing
Export in IGES or STEP file format
Primitive best fit extraction
Constrained best fit
Relations between extracted primitives
Quick alignment based on extracted primitive (datum) prioritisation
2D sketching with toleranced control
Constraints and dimensions in 2D Sketch
Revolved and Extruded surfaces
History based parametric modelling
Linear, Circular and Mirror Patterns
Trimming, Chamfer and Filleting
Solids Boolean operations
Draft Angle analysis


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H3 Handheld 3D Scanner
Technical Specifications

Cameras 2 x 700 FPS – Monochrome or Color Cameras
Point-to-Point Spacing 0.5mm or better
Data acquisition speed (points per second) Up to 1.5 million
Mesh Frames Per Second 5
Scanning Technology Structured light
Dimension (mm) 280 x 200 x 60
Weight (kg) 1.1
Field of View (mm) 300 x 180 to 500 x 310
Depth of Field (mm) 250
Accuracy (μm) 80
Standoff distance (mm) 470
Scanning Software FlexScan3D
Geometry Formats PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX, 3D3
Minimum Computer Requirements Windows 10 (64-bit) Operating System, Intel Core i5 CPU or better, 16 GB Memory or greater, 512 MB Video Card, 250 GB free disk space or more
Polyga H3 3D Scanner
  • Collect up to 1.5 million points per second
  • Accuracy up to 0.08 mm
  • Delivers extremely high-accuracy in a single shot for a handheld 3D scanner
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Technical Specifications

Scanning Volume
  • Front (X, Y): 20” x 10”
  • Rear (X,Y): 42” x 30”
  • Depth (Z): 61”
MeasureXL scanning volume diagram

0.01” (0.25mm)

Probe Battery Life

~6 Hours of continuous use

Probe Diameter

2mm additional probes available

Computer Requirements

Required Hardware
  • Windows 10 Computer
  • Intel i5 processor (minimum)
  • 1 USB Port
  • Rhino 6 for Windows
  • MeasureXL Proprietary Software

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Calibry Handheld 3D Scanner
Technical Specifications

Accuracy Up to 0.1 mm
Accuracy over distance Up to 0.1 mm over 1 m
Point resolution Up to 0.6 mm
Depth of view 55 – 95 cm
Field of view Min – 280 x 360mm
Max – 490 x 650 mm
Texture Yes
Texture resolution 2.3MP
Light source White LED
Frame rate 25 – 30 fps
Data Acquisition speed 3 million points/second
Multi-core processing Yes
Weight 900g
Touchscreen Yes, 4″
Software Yes, included in the price
Operating temperature +5 – +40C

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