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Polyga was recently been featured the article, Compact 3D Scanners Provide Savings, in the September issue of Plastics Machinery Magazine.

Article Overview

In the past, only large corporations like Boeing and General Motors have large budgets to afford advanced technologies like 3D scanners. Fast forward to today, recent advances in technology and reductions in price for 3D scanners are giving smaller companies including average machine shops or mold makers access to the technology.

HDI Compact 3D Scanners

More companies and organizations are benefiting from the use of more affordable 3D scanners with the launch of the HDI Compact L6 and C504.

Thomas Tong, President of Polyga, said 3D scanners are becoming more useful for mold makers. Customers are increasingly demanding inspection reports with the delivery of molds or tooling.

“This enables the mold maker to ensure that when they deliver…that the product matches their customer’s specifications and all tolerances are in specification. The last thing you want to do is to deliver the product and then have an argument once [a] bunch of bad [parts have] been made.”

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Plastics Machinery Magazine Cover Septemeber 2019

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Plastics Machinery Magazine Cover Septemeber 2019
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