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The powerful 3D scanning software empowers makers, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to build an affordable structured-light 3D scanner.

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Robust 3D Scanning Engine

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Choosing the right Visit! engine can make all the difference when it comes to building your own 3D scanner.

FlexScan3D is our proprietary software that powers all of Polyga’s professional scanners. Now you can leverage its powerful 3D scanning and processing algorithms using your own hardware. It gives you all the tools you need to reproduce high-resolution, accurate 3D scans directly from real-world objects.

FlexScan3D 3D scanning software is strong on the basics—like 3D capture—to get you clean raw 3D scans from the beginning. It also has feature-rich post-processing tools for aligning and merging the scans into a full digital 3D model. You get the details of the physical object, in all its glory. Create the custom desktop 3D scanner you’ve always imagined, while enjoying the process of building it.

Why Choose FlexScan3D?

Low-Cost 3D Scanning

Build A Custom 3D Scanner

Software plays an important role in a 3D scanner because it’s the brains behind the entire system. With FlexScan3D, you get a comprehensive set of 3D scanning and post-processing tools to create full digital 3D models. This affordable option allows you to create a system according to your needs whether it’s low cost, flexible, or high-precision.

Trusted Performance

Trusted Performance

FlexScan3D has been around for more than a decade with software releases every year. You’re in good hands when it comes to software reliability with powerful features and a complete workflow.


Flexibility & Control

Building a custom 3D scanning system using FlexScan3D software means you’ll have control on the hardware you want to use. Easily swap out cameras and lenses for different 3D scanning configurations at anytime.

How It Works

With FlexScan3D, you’ve got the software component covered to get you started on building a custom 3D scanner. All you have to do is source your own hardware components. The 3D scanning software interfaces with a recommended list of readily available off-the-shelf machine vision cameras, lenses, and HDMI projectors.



You source your own 3D scanning rig (machine vision cameras + lenses, projector, and mounting system) to capture images of the physical object.



FlexScan3D’s 3D scanning algorithms use the captured images to recreate the object into digital 3D form.


3D Scans

A 3D image is captured in about a second in high-resolution and accuracy.

Compatible Hardware

Each 3D scanning project has its own set of challenges. Because FlexScan3D 3D scanning software works with various hardware options to suit your needs, you can build a 3D scanner the way you want.


Light Source 1 x Projector

The light source of the 3D scanner projects a grid pattern onto the object’s surface. The stronger the light source (lumens), the farther you can scan to get better coverage and results.

MV cameras and lenses

Machine Vision Equipment 2 x Cameras + Lenses

A duo camera system provides better quality 3D scans compared to a single camera one. The higher the megapixel of the cameras, the higher the resolution and accuracy of the 3D scans. Lenses also affects the 3D scanner’s field of view, which is the observable area the system can see at a given time.

Mounting system

Mounting System Frame for 3D Scanner + Tripod

The frame mounts all the hardware together to create the 3D scanning rig. Vibrations from the physical environment cause bad scans. As a result, getting a stable tripod to secure your frame will ensure you capture accurate 3D scans.

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Already Have Your Hardware?

FlexScan3D has a low-cost rental option. Test drive the 3D scanning software and see how it can power and improve your existing equipment.

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What You Can Do With FlexScan3D

With a streamlined 3D scanning workflow and user-friendly user interface, FlexScan3D 3D scanning software is fast at transforming real-world objects into stunning 3D models that reflect their true likeness, down to the fine details.

3D Capture

3D Capture

FlexScan3D captures clean raw 3D scans right at the data acquisition stage. With less post-processing work and a fast data acquisition speed of approximately 1 second per scan, complete the 3D scanning portion of your project in the quickest time.


Advanced Post-Processing Capabilities

Clean up your 3D scans directly in FlexScan3D using its own built-in Mesh Editor. Easily process, align, and merge multiple scans to create a complete 3D model of the object.


Ready For Use

FlexScan3D exports your 3D models into common file format. Whether you are 3D printing the models or sharing your them using an online publishing platform (i.e. Sketchfab), the files are ready for use with a click of a button.

Export to file formats:


Find the version that’s right for you.


single license
Non-Commercial Use | Educational Use
  • 3D Scanning: Data acquisition
  • Post-Processing Capabilities: Clean up, decimation, smooth, erosion
  • Finalize: Align and register scans into full 3D model
  • Color 3D Scanning: Capture color and texture of an object using color machine vision cameras


single license
Commercial Use | Access To All Features
  • Access to All Lite Features, Plus:
  • Advanced Features: Including cut plane and hole filling tools
  • Transform Tool: Position scan data into world coordinate system
  • Command Line & Scripting
  • Deviation Analysis + 3D Measurement Tools

Pay As You Go

Access To All Features
  • Access to All Lite + Standard Features

Two Versions

Which one is right for you?

Features FlexScan3D Lite Affordable 3D Scanning Software FlexScan3D Standard Powerful 3D Scanning Software
Camera Live View
3D Scanning: Capture in Point Cloud or Mesh
Scan Alignment: Geometry, Select, Fine, or Marker Alignment
Combine & Finalize: Smooth / Precise Finalize
Mesh Editor: Clean up, Decimation, Smooth, Erosion
Automation: Compatible with Polyga’s Automatic Rotary Table for 360° 3D scanning
Color 3D Scanning: Capture color and texture of an object when used with color machine vision cameras
Advanced Post-Processing: Interactive Hole Filling (Select a hole or a region for hole filling. You can control the process by specifying hole filling parameters.)
3D Inspection Tools: Deviation Analysis + Measurement Tools
Transform Tool: Positioning 3D scan data into the world coordinate system
Cut Plane Feature: Define a background plane and eliminate it automatically in all subsequent scans, capturing only scans with the target object
Calibration Tuning: Ballbar Tuning
Command Line Interface

Get Complete Access With Full Features

In addition to using FlexScan3D for commercial use, the standard version of the 3D scanning software gives you complete access to advanced features of the software to do even more. Highlights include:

Deviation analysis

Powerful 3D Inspection Tools

FlexScan3D standard version includes additional 3D measurement and deviation analysis tools. The 3D scanning software quickly aligns two meshes together with a color map comparison to show tolerances at a glance.

Transform tool

Transform Tool

After 3D scanning, the transform tool makes it simple to precisely align your scan data into a predefined coordinate system. Do it directly inside FlexScan3D so your models will be perfectly positioned when exporting your models for your application.

Get Stunning Results

FlexScan3D software captures the characteristics of the physical object at every angle.


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