Patch Notes: 3.3.21


  • Korean Localization Added
  • Japanese Localization Improved
New Feature
  • FlexScan3D Lite Version
  • A new combine option introduced. Voxel Grid Combine
  • Calibrate / Scan by importing Images. Now any camera can be calibrated and scan with FlexScan3D
  • DirectShow Camera Support (i.e. Imaging Source, Cameras for David 3D Software)
  • H3 Texture Processing Improvement




New Features
  • Added button to remove the latest 5 scan data on Handheld Scanning
  • Added Test Capture button to check real scan brightness of Compact L/S/H Series
  • H3 Marker Alignment Beta Release
    (Requires >= H3 Firmware 3.2.0)
  • Improved H3 Alignment Performance
  • Improved Depth Map Color Visualization on Handheld Scanning
  • Improved H3 Scanning speed
    (Requires >= H3 Firmware 3.2.0)