Patch Notes: FlexScan3D

FlexScan3D Patch Notes:

New Drivers and support for:
  • Camera based licenses
  • Polyga Trigger Boxes for high speed scanning
  • AA Motors Drivers, for Heavy Duty and Light Weight Rotary
  • Support Gocator 3109, 3210 and 3506 Series Scanners
  • Moved Previous HDI 109 and HDI 120 Driver to Legacy Mode
  • Support for a new Light Weight Rotary Table
  • Modified core scanning loop, resulting in a 50ms faster scanning time for HDI Advanced Scanners
  • Moved over from LMI Licensing servers to Polyga servers
  • Removed links to LMI help files, switched over to Polyga help file
  • Rebranding from LMI to Polyga
  • Fixed several memory leaks in the scripting environment
  • Fixed how scanners were sometimes not removable
  • High sensitivity scan mode
  • Easy Scan and Auto Exposure for HDI 109 / HDI 120 scanners