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Polyga Carbon

The original Polyga Carbon is a crossover 3D scanner that combines flexibility and portability into one powerful system.

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Product Description
  • Type: Professional 3D scanner, Tripod mounted
  • Dimension (cm): 13 x 41 x 12
  • Cameras: 2 x 3 megapixel, monochrome or color option, USB 3.0
  • Software: Flexscan3D for 3D capturing and post-processing
Technical Specifications
Case Study

Adjustable Field of View

The Polyga Carbon gives you the flexibility to scan objects of various sizes. The system has multiple camera mounting positions on the to adjust the scanner’s diagonal field of view from 225mm to 600mm.

Polyga Carbon XL 3D adjustable top mid diagram
Polyga Carbon XL 3D adjustable FOV diagram
  1. Inner Camera Mounting Position

    225mm Diagonal Field of View:
    For scanning smaller objects.

  2. Outer Camera Mounting Position

    600mm Diagonal Field of View:
    For scanning larger objects.

strong and lightweight

At the core of the Polyga Carbon is an adjustable frame and high speed projector. The mount makes the entire system super flexible allowing you to configure the system for different applications.

Polyga Carbon XL 3D adjustable sample

Professional Results

Polyga Carbon delivers industrial-grade 3D scanning results using 3 megapixel industrial quality machine vision cameras. The system generates more than 6 million polygons per scan at an accuracy of up to 35 microns (0.0014″) for a 225mm diagonal field of view.

Download Scan Sample
HDI Carbon case

Scan Wherever You Go

A performance driven 3D scanner shouldn’t be limited to only scanning in one location. For maximum portability, the scanner comes with its own travel case to take with you, wherever you need it. All the components fit nicely inside the case for added protection. Rest assured that your equipment is protected. It’s crushproof, watertight, and dustproof.

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