Patch Note: 3.3.10

FlexScan3D Patch Notes 3.3.10


  • New network config tool is bundled with FlexScan3D. It helps you to configure your network settings for HDI Compact series and TriggerBox v2.0
  • Support Active Area and Spacing Interval configuration of HDI Compact C Series
  • Improved mesh processing time for HDI Compact C Series


  • Beta Support for TriggerBox v2.0. Enables you to connect cameras to TriggerBox.
  • Beta Support for HDI Compact L Series
  • Support Basler color cameras.
    Not only capturing with color cameras, also white balance is adjustable to get precise color.
  • PTGrey Spinnaker Driver stability improved.


We have tested FlexScan3D 3.3.10 with HDI Compact firmware v4.7.12.47. It might not work properly with the other version of firmware.


Bug Fix

  • Alignment issue with HDI Compact L Series
  • Marker Detection Crash issue


  • Faster Mesh Processing
  • Alignment speed optimization


  • Support HDI Compact C with Master 100 for external trigger button