Patch Notes: 3.3.11

FlexScan3D Patch Notes: 3.3.11

Measurement Tool Updates
  • Coordinate Tool has been renamed to Measurement Tool.
  • The updated tool is easier to use and has a wider range of capabilities.
Parameter Dialog A simple dialog now appears when creating new entities explaining how to generate the measurement and which parameters are required.
Circle/Sphere Measurements Generate circle/sphere entities and determine its radius, area and circumference.
IGES Export Export measurement entities to IGES format.
Calibration Tuning Updates
  • Ballbar Tuning has been renamed to Calibration Tuning
More accurate tuning In addition to Global Scaling, you can now apply specific tuning directly to your scanner’s calibration.
Tuning with Measurement entities Scanner accuracy tuning can now be done with a either Ballbar or by using Measurement entities.
New Hotkey Support
  • FlexScan3D now supports Z axis moving using Shift + Alt + LMB + RMB. Previously, it only supported X-Y axis mesh moving
Reordering scan groups
  • Scans can now be reordered from within the project window. Drag & Drop a scan to reorder it.
Smooth Merge Improvement
  • The quality of smooth merge has been improved.
PLY Import
  • You can now import PLY files into Flexscan3D.



FlexScan3D 3.3.11 has been tested with the following spinnaker driver and HDI Compact Firmware: 

HDI Compact Firmware v4.7.12.47

We cannot guarantee full functionality with other versions.