MeasureXL Wireless Portable CMM

A 3D measurement system that makes it simple to quickly probe 3D measurements for industry applications.

Get 3D Measurements You Need Fast

You have the freedom to measure what you need for work with MeasureXL optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The 3D digitizer consists of a wireless probe and an optical tracker to capture any measurements in real-time. It’s great for use when you need to take a few measurement points quickly. MeasureXL is efficient and versatile in a wide range of applications including reverse engineering and scientific measurement. Measure once and the portable CMM gets you the results you need to get your work done.

MeasureXL at work
measurexl handheld portable cmm

Measure Wirelessly

Using MeasureXL’s wireless probe, take measurements freely compared to traditional portable CMMs bounded by articulated arms.

pinpoint precision


Use the probe to pinpoint any measurement point (XYZ) in the three-dimensional space. Get the results instantly.

optical tracker

Easy to Setup

No need to calibrate. Each optical tracker is factory calibrated for out of the box accurate tracking.

suitcase easy to travel

Pack It To Go

MeasureXL includes its own carrying case. It makes the system extremely portable and easy to take with you for travelling.

seasy to measure

Easy to Measure

MeasureXL’s proprietary software has the ability to measure and create:

  • All types of 2D geometry (arcs, lines, and splines)
  • 3D geometry
  • Angles, distances, and points

Results are displayed immediately inside the software as you probe. When you’ve have taken the measurements, export directly to these file formats for use in other software applications:

  • IGES (CAD)
  • CSV (Text)
scanning large object

Measure Large Objects

MeasureXL optical CMM is efficient at taking measurements and gives you plenty of space to work in. The portable CMM has a flexible measurement range for measuring objects from the size of a baseball to a car dash.

Cost-Effective Reverse Engineering Solution

Pair MeasureXL with Rhino 6 for Windows to create a powerful reverse engineering solution.

MeasureXL working with Rhino

Build Better CAD Models Faster

real object cad

MeasureXL is fully integrated with Rhino 6 for Windows CAD modeling software. Use this portable CMM to take measurements directly off a physical part and immediately use them inside Rhino to create CAD models more accurately and in lesser time than designing from a blank slate.

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