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    Polyga CarbonXL

    The new Polyga CarbonXL has a wider adjustable field of view and a brighter projector compared to the original model. Giving you even more flexibility and control for 3D scanning.

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    Product Description
    • Type: Professional 3D scanner, Tripod mounted
    • Dimension (cm): 30.4 x 40.6 x 20.3
    • Cameras: 2 x 5 megapixel, monochrome or color
    • Software: Flexscan3D for 3D capturing and post-processing
    Technical Specifications
    Case Study

    Flexible Design, Maximum Value

    Instead of having only two preset mounting positions on the mount like the original Carbon, you can place the cameras anywhere on the CarbonXL’s flexible slider mount. Create any field of view you want.

    CarbonXL track
    CarbonXL adjustable FOV diagram
    1. Minimum Camera Mounting Position

      70mm Field of View:
      for scanning smaller objects

    2. Maximum Camera Mounting Position

      800mm Field of View
      for scanning larger objects

    Flexibility and control

    Polyga CarbonXL was developed out of a growing need for a professional 3D scanning system that provides the maximum flexibility that we have ever engineered, while giving you full control.

    Large Field of View<

    Large Field of View

    The CarbonXL creates the largest field of view out of all the Polyga 3D scanners at 800mm.

    Brighter Projection

    Brighter Projection

    The Polyga CarbonXL uses a projector with more lumens to achieve higher quality results. The system can scan farther away and scan darker objects much easier.

    Detach Easily for Packing

    Detaches Easily for Packing

    The 3D scanner’s detachable railing system makes it easy to disassemble for storage or travelling to an off-site location.

    scan small to large objects

    Scan Objects Small and Large

    The Polyga CarbonXL 3D scanner empowers you to scan objects as small as an artifact to a car door using only a single system.

    3d scan sample

    Get It In Detail

    The CarbonXL 3D scanner uses a pair of 5 megapixel industrial machine vision cameras to get capture all the fine details in your scan target.

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