Step 7

The final step is to compare the deviation of the scan data compared to the newly created CAD model to see the measurement differences.

Deviation Analysis

Using Xtract3D’s Mesh Deviation Tool, you can set your own tolerance level you are comfortable with on left side of the screen. The colors give a quick overview of what areas are below or above tolerance when the CAD model is compared to the reference scan data.

  • Green = below tolerance
  • Red = above tolerance

Tip for Analyzing the CAD Model

You can always go back to any point to perform any necessary modifications to the CAD model as the upside to using SOLIDWORKS is that we have access to a complete feature history, without any hard dependencies to the scan data.

Another benefit of using Xtract3D is that because SOLIDWORKS doesn’t make any connections to the mesh (no aspect of the model or features that define the model are dependent on the mesh), you can move or even remove the mesh without affecting your model.

Once you’re done creating your solids and surfaces you can even delete the scan data out of your part file.